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Community Partners

Midwifery, Montrice - At Home, Away from Home, Pre and Post Natal Visits

Midwifery, Montrice - At Home, Away from Home, Pre and Post Natal Visits Birth in the Tradition offers Prenatal Consultations and Childbirth Education with a well rounded approach for those seeking holistic pregnancy support and natural childbirth for home births specifically, yet not limited to. We have a referral network of pregnancy and childbirth health care providers which provide full scope complimentary care as needed. We are especially excited to partner with Cafe of Life and other holistic practitioners who also meets the needs of women during their pregnancy. You have to come inside and visit us to see the menu of services you may choose from. Birth in the Tradition enfuses the physiology of pregnancy with the traditions and customs of pregnancy and childbirth the way our Grandmothers did; natural, normal and healthy. We practice the Traditional Midwifery Model of Care.
To learn more about Birth in the Tradition, visit us on the web at: and contact us at

1030 Grant Street
Atlanta, GA 30315
P: 770-997-7088

Centered Self, LLC

Centered Self, LLC Julia has over 20 years of experience as a health care provider and has studied energy healing for several years. She has bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees in Nursing. After extensive study, she completed her Reiki training in 2017 and has worked with clients across the world. She is a board certified family nurse practitioner and certified Usui Reiki Master. ​

As a health care provider, energy healer, and former cancer patient, Julia has a well-rounded and unique perspective on health care and wellness. She believes that combining energy healing, such as Reiki, with traditional Western medicine will benefit her clients. Similarly to the yin yang philosophy, Western medicine and Eastern medical practice do not oppose but truly support each other.

Any problem involving the mind, body, emotions, and spirit can benefit from this healing art that fosters balance and harmony of the self. Reiki helps you find your center and activate your own healing. Reiki complements Western medical treatments and is increasingly practiced in hospitals and therapeutic settings. There is rapidly growing research on the use of Reiki with Western medicine and its benefits for both patients and health care providers.

Julia offers Reiki inside the Cafe of Life Chiropractic Center on Sundays!

1030 Grant Street, Suite 1
Atlanta, GA 30315
P: 678-885-SELF (7

Covered - A Natural Nail Bar

Covered - A Natural Nail Bar COVERED Nail Bar is a great escape to unwind offering manicures, pedicures, gel polish, lashes and more! Beginning with cleanliness and ending with ambiance, we embody "me time" and this is why we offer appointments!
COVERED Nail Bar is an upscale salon dedicated to giving one on one personalized nail care. We accept walk-ins when our schedule permits.
We believe in quality not quantity!

1030 Grant Street
Atlanta, GA 30315
P: 6789146245

Shannon Ring Massage

Shannon Ring Massage Shannon Ring has been a dedicated Massage Therapist since 2004. She offers therapeutic massage for deep relaxation and rehabilitation of body and spirit. Please visit her website for more information and to book online. Please choose Grant Park to book at Cafe of Life location.

1030 Grant Street, Suite 5
Atlanta, GA 30315